The Spanish influencer, Aarón Fernández, whose alternative inspired personal style is taking Instagram by storm. He has more than 90K followers who keep track of his daily adventures on both social media. But there is much more than just buzz about this emerging social media sensation.

Over the years, he has become an expert in the world of beauty, another of his passions.

His journey in the fashion industry dates back to 2009. As a child, he showed talent for drawing and, though his drafts were more about furniture and buildings, time would prove that he had a gift that would later translate to designing womenswear.

Since his start, AF has created beautiful and elegant pieces that reinvent classic designs in a sophisticated way. In 2013, and after having worked on several collections and having perfected his sewing skills, this emerging designer embarked on the adventure of creating his own brand. He needed to channel his inner world, because, as Fernández says, “design is pure art. It comes from your personal thoughts and tastes.”

It was a huge challenge because he was still a student, but he says he “couldn’t wait any longer” to show his most personal creations to the world. The risk and effort have paid off. Fernández, who is from a small city in the east of Spain, Alcoy, received a lot of orders from private clients, and his talent was soon spotted by some members of the industry.

He recalls a time when a client walked in a room wearing one of his dresses “and the audience fell silent because she was radiant.” I’m sure there is little to rival such an indescribable emotion he must have felt.
Following his success as a designer, Fernández got invited to fashion shows, parties, and magazines; all exciting projects and memorable experiences that he shared with his social media followers.

These stories caught the attention of a lot of Instagram users, and attracted thousands of others who wanted to know more about the ins and outs of the life of an emerging fashion designer. Four years after the launch of his brand, and after the unstoppable growth of his Instagram family.

If you scroll down his profile — @aaronfernandezmoda — A cascade of pictures shows his different roles — from the designer, who works on the last details of a dress minutes before a fashion show, to his latest #ootd dose of inspiration.

His personal style is very fashion, and maintains the balance between sports-inspired looks and tailoring. He loves trends and makes them his own, “always adding a bold piece or accessory, and never really thinking about what others might think.”

Maybe that’s the key to his success — confidence and passion in every project he embarks on. What you can’t doubt when you talk with Fernández is that, although juggling all these roles must be difficult, he loves fashion and enjoys every step of the journey that will take him very far.